Banja Luka Mayor Stanivukovic: We have made 8.4 Million BAM Savings

”The eight and a half million savings we have made are rational savings. Those eight million were used for crime and corruption. That money was sucked out and ended up in private pockets,” Drasko Stanivukovic, the mayor of Banja Luka, told BHRT.

He also talked about 60 and even 80 companies that are allegedly directly or indirectly owned by the Dodik family, or are connected to them in a certain way.

Some want to return Banja Luka to a period of crime, corruption and nepotism, Stanivukovic said on the BHT1 Live show.

”I am open for the budget to be adopted with all the amendments, just to be adopted. It does not depend on the mayor. It is my duty to propose, and this is my second time. This is a specific situation in which one local community found itself. The obligation of the assembly is to consider and adopt the budget, and they should be asked why the budget was not adopted, he pointed out. They promised to adopt the budget with certain amendments like the first time, so we’ll see. I do everything in the power of one mayor. This is a clear dance, this is not happening in other cities and municipalities,” said Stanivukovic.

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