Barracks in Hadzici to be equipped for Accommodation of Migrants

Barracks “Usivak” in Hadzici will be equipped for accommodation of migrants, which will further expand capacities of the Asylum Center in Delijas and the Immigration Center in East Novo Sarajevo.

A new location will be prepared for accommodation of migrants in the area of Una-Sana Canton.

Dozens of activities were conducted on the prevention of illegal entry of migrants to BiH in the past period, as well as on solving the issue of additional accommodation for migrants and conducting concrete steps for obtaining international assistance for solving migration crisis in BiH, as announced by the Council of Ministers of BiH.

According to data from the Ministry of Security, a total of 4,870 migrants entered and got registered in BiH in the period from January 1 to May 27, of which 4,215 expressed desire to seek an asylum, and 423 of them applied for asylum.

The measure of sending additional police officers to the border of BiH was proved as an efficient measure since illegal entry was reduced by 50 % after the adoption of the Action Plan of Emergency Measures.

The Council of Ministers sent the Action Plan of Emergency Measures regarding the increased number of migrants in BiH to the European Commission, with the aim of securing international assistance for solving the issue of migration crisis in BiH.

Moreover, 1 million EUR was requested from the Council of Europe Development Bank for implementation of the Action Plan of Emergency Measures regarding the migrant crisis in BiH.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)




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