Milorad Dodik is official Candidate for a Member of BiH Presidency

The President of the RS and the leader of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) Milorad Dodik will be candidate for a member of the Presidency of BiH from the Serb people, while the Prime Minister of the RS, Zeljka Cvijanovic, will be a candidate for the entity presidency.

“The RS is the only priority of my policy, and the RS will be further strengthened with my election for a member of the Presidency of BiH,” noted Dodik after the announcement of his candidacy.

“Our goal at the elections is historic result of the SNSD. I am very proud of our unity,” noted Milorad Dodik. The slogan of the pre-election campaign that he will lead is “Under the Flag of Srpska”.

The head of the SNSD stated that he expects 65 % support for the National Assembly of the RS in the upcoming elections in October and 70 % support for the Parliament of BiH.

Head of the SNSD noted that, if he gets elected, his office would be located in East Sarajevo and Banja Luka, and that he could attend sessions of the Presidency of BiH via a video link.

According to the current candidacies, the greatest competitors will be Mladen Ivanic and Milorad Dodik when it comes to a member of the Presidency of BiH from the Serb people, while Vukota Govedarica (SDS) and Zeljka Cvijanovic (SNSD) will compete for the position of the President of the RS.

(Source: D. Be./Klix.ba)

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