Bauhaus to Open in Sarajevo

bauhaus1_950pxThe Mayor of Municipality Novi Grad Semir Efendić confirmed in an interview for Oslobođenje that the opening of a Bauhaus in the capital city of BiH has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all parties, and most of all the citizens, because it would create 200 new jobs.

“After a lot of problems and delays that this German investor had in our municipality in the last several years, our frequent meetings that started since we took office yielded results. Bauhaus has agreed to the offer that we gave, that the rents are to be paid through several installments for a period of three years. Lat week this company sent to the municipality an official request for this method of calculating rents. After the first installment is paid and delivered to guarantee the balance, the municipal authorities will issue the appropriate building permit for the construction of Bauhaus in Sarajevo. When the construction of the building begins, this now only depends on investors, and according to the information that we have, it should officially open in 2014”, he said.

The municipality of Novi Grad is the only one in Canton Sarajevo that allows the payment of rent in installments for commercial buildings bigger than 1.000 square meters, and also for individual housing units, above all those that are in the process of legalization.

“In this way we try to improve the economic environment and become desirable municipalities for investment, both for foreign and for domestic investors. Every new building has multiple positive effects. The budget of the municipality increases through the settlement of the liabilities of investors towards it, employs construction operatives that is currently lacking due to the difficult situation, and every new building means new jobs that are indispensable to us. And, of course, in addition to Bauhaus, there are other investors, even for larger spaces than what we anticipate for Bauhaus. I will once again mention that we are very lucky because the issue with Bauhaus is resolved because it, in the case of Reket from the last period, in large measure discouraged investors from coming to our municipality’’, said Efendić.

(Source: E-Kapija)

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