Beekeepers from Srebrenica expect more than 50 Tons of Honey This Season

Srebrenica beekeepingAssociation of beekeepers “Osat“ Srebrenica recorded positive results in honey production this year.

According to the words of the president of the Association, Slako Nukic, a need for establishment of this association started with their return and an initiative of several young people for establishment.

The association was founded in 2005, with the aim to, before all, bring beekeeping to a higher level and to attract donors to support beekeepers.

“We have a good conditions for beekeeping, this year is very fruitful and already after the first honey extraction, we have enough honey for sales. I have extracted 650 kg of honey from my beehives, every beehive gave me approximately 20 kg of honey. In the second honey extraction, I expect much more“, said Nukic.

The Association plans to obtain a facility for beekeeping, packing and honey sales.

One part of beekeepers sell its honey at the Bosnian market in the municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo.

Expectations are that the Association will produce more than 50 tons of honey this year.

In the municipality Srebrenica, there are two beekeeping associations covering the entire municipality and acquiring a good cooperation.

“There is great interest for beekeeping in Srebrenica” adds Nurkic.


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