Formation of First Regional Network for Favorable Business Environment in South East Europe

Money_GrowthThe RS Minister for Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation Igor Vidović and representatives of relevant institutions from the FB&H, Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia signed in Rijeka an agreement on establishing the first regional network for business environment in South East Europe, announced on the official portal of the RS Chamber of Commerce.

The aim of the agreement is the continuation of the pilot project for regional certification of municipalities through the establishment of regional standards of quality of services for local communities, and the inclusion of a larger number of these communities in the process.

The agreement was signed during participation at the international fair for local governments ‘Nekspo 2013” as part of the round table entitled ‘certification of favorable business in South East Europe-regional impulse for effective local development’.

The cities of Banja Luka and Prijedor were included in the pilot phase of regional certification of municipalities with a positive business environment.

Prijedor became the owner of the certificate in 2013, and Banja Luka is in the process of certification.


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