Slight Increase in Sales in Markets in FB&H in August

trznicasarajevoThe value of the sale of agricultural products on the markets of the FB&H in August this year amounted to 3.470.996 KM, which is 35.624 KM or one percent higher than in relation to the same month in 2012, according to statistics from the Federal Statistical Office.

The total value of the sales of agricultural products in the markets, grouped by products, is 41,7 percent of vegetables, 23,7 percent of fruits, poultry and eggs with 11,1 percent and honey and wax by 6,8 percent.

Milk accounted for 6,2 percent, potatoes by 3,7 percent, grapes by 3,3 percent, grain and firewood with 0,5 percent.

Olive oil from production in the total sales of agricultural products in the markets in August came at 0,5 percent and fish at 0,3 percent.


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