Beginning of production in textile industry

DODIKRS President Milorad Dodik said yesterday in Trebinje, that the realization of the project of commencing the production of textile industry in the area of Bileća should start this month, and after that it should begin in other municipalities of Herzegovina.

‘Many thought, especially those who ruined ‘Novoteks’, that this project would not be realized, but activation of textile industry in Herzegovina is realistic’, said Dodik and noted they have ventured in this project with German partner and that certain works are already being done.

Dodik noted that workers who’ll work in textile industry are being educated in Bileća, and that it is necessary that in Trebinje, Berkovići, Ljubinje and Nevesinje, as well as in Bileća, convenient space is provided, for which RS Government has given certain amount of money and formed the company for that occasion ‘Nikola Tesla’ which will deal with those issues.

‘For the realization of this and other projects and activities, the connection of local community is needed, and not empty talks, which will not help Trebinje’, said Dodik to journalists in Trebinje.

Company ‘Nikola Tesla’, whose founder is RS Government, for the development of textile industry in Herzegovina will allocate more than 20 million BAM, and with this project around 2500 workers will be employed.

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