Five Million KM: Škafa is building three factories for Production of Cookies, Toilet Paper and Vegetable and Fruit Processing

The domestic retail chain Škafa this year plans to invest five million KM to open new stores and to start their own production, which would increase the number of employed from the current 450 to 600.

“This year, we plan to build three production facilities, factory for toilet paper, vegetable and fruit processing and cookies. We are already in an advanced stage of an agreement with the bank’’, said the Head of Finances of the company Fahrudin Junuzović for Businessnews.

Junuzović said that the BiH government is not paying enough attention to domestic companies.

‘’The conditions under which domestic business endeavors operate are not the same as companies that come from other countries’’, said Junuzović, and added that the state should pay more attention in this area.

The Škafa chain, which started as a private business and expanded into one of the major business companies in BiH, has fifteen shopping centers.

In 2010, the company made a profit of half a million KM, in 2011 around 700.000 KM, and after summarizing the results the same amount is expected for 2012. This year, given the ambitious plans, they expect a profit of one million KM.


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