‘South Stream’ useful for the entire BiH

južni tokProject of connecting RS and FBiH on ‘South Stream’ pipe-line is crucial for both entities, said Slobodan Puhalac, acting manger of the company Gas Res. He said that the effects of connecting with this pipe line will be numerous from industry to houses.

Puhalac said to ‘Nezavisne Novine’ that the cooperation with Gazprom also suggested the needed amount of gas for FBiH, and the fact that the ‘South Stream’ line has been defined with series of agreements, RS and FBiH have a remarkable opportunity.

‘It is necessary to make positive atmosphere in both entities, and to forget anachronous reasons that someone will have monopoly, and make undeserved benefits or that ‘Gazprom’ will make extra profits. System of great numbers defines our place and offers us a possibility’, said Puhalac.

Commenting on the benefits of the project ‘South Stream’ he said that by planned creation of joint company of ‘Gazprom’ and ‘Gas-Res’, gas prices will decrease significantly.

According to our estimates, other pipe-lines, like ‘Nabuco’, ‘TAP’ and ‘TANAP’ are lagging behind ‘South Stream’ and its construction may be in question.

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