Euro-Asphalt: More than 300 Workers on Tunnel Vijenac

At the Vijenac tunnel, one of the biggest buildings on the route of the highway on Corridor 5-C, there are more than 500 workers divided into 3 shifts, confirmed the Director of Euro-Asphalt Hamed Ramić for FENA.

Apart from Euroasphalt, as leader of the consortium, other BiH companies are engaged in the construction of the tunnel- ŽGP Sarajevo, Hidrogradnja Sarajevo, Entea Sarajevo and Butmir Sarajevo.

Upon completion, the total length of the tunnel will be 3 kilometers.

‘’We expect work to begin in March 2013, and the first phase should be completed by the end of April’’, said Ramić.

The tunnel will be equipped with modern equipment, and the road between Sarajevo and Zenica will be reduced by 4 kilometers.

Ramić said that the Euroasphalt on Corridor 5C as the main contractor, except for the Vijenac tunnel, is engaged in shares of Drivuša – Gorica i Kravice – Bijača, and as a partner in the share of Vlakovo -Tarčin.

On the Corridor project there are around 1.700 workers, as part of the consortium partner and subcontractors, added Ramić.

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