Belgrade: Bevanda on the Positive Cooperation between China and BiH

bevandaAt a time when there are conflicts across the world, China and sixteen European countries are investing their efforts in a completely different direction, we are deepening cooperation, offering friendship, friendship between two continents, 17 countries of a fifth of the world population, stated Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers Vjekoslav Bevanda at the opening of the Third Summit of PR China and Central and Eastern European Countries (CEE), which is being held in Belgrade.

”Many of you represent significant trade, economic and social partners of my homeland BiH. I am happy we are all working together on strengthening the cooperation,” said Bevanda, who is leading the BiH delegation at the Summit of heads of government of CEE and PR China.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers informed his colleagues that BiH is going through complex reform processes, and that positioning of BiH in the EU and other international institutions is “priority zero”.

”I find cooperation between China and BiH has been extremely positive, which gets its epilogue in the current year through consummation of eight million dollars for making the investment projects in BiH which businessmen from PR China could finance,” said Bevanda.

He added that forming of secretariat for cooperation between China and SEE is also positive, which resulted in series of projects.

”New possibilities have been opened, investments from field of energy and infrastructure encouraged, as well as wood, food and textile industry,” noted Bevanda.



(Source: Fena)

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