B&H Artist Šejla Kamerić exhibiting in Istanbul as of December 11

Šejla Kamerić novovrijeme.baThe B&H artist Šejla Kamerić will have a premiere in front of the Turkish audience with the exhibition “Kad srce radi bing bam bum” on December 11 at the Arter Museum in Istanbul.

Curator Başak Doğa Temur  said that the exhibition will gather pieces produced with different media, including video, photographs, installations, sculptures, as well as three new pieces, offering an overview of Kamerić’s practice.

The visitors will have an opportunity to see over twenty works from Šejla’s opus on four floors of exhibition space. This is Šejla’s first independent exhibition.

Through her works, Šejla often conveys her experiences from the past war in B&H. The exhibition in Istanbul will be opened until February 2016.


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