BH Communications Regulatory Agency issues Report on Number of Internet Users

There were 700,578 internet subscribers in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the end of 2017, with 70 ISPs operating in the country, according to data from the Communications Regulatory Agency (RAK). The regulator estimates that in the same period there were 3.06 million internet users, accounting for a internet usage rate of 86.77 percent.

The dominant type of internet access was xDSL, which accounted for 56.83 percent of total broadband subscribers, followed by cable access with 33.41 percent.

According to results, a total of 70 providers of Internet services operated in BiH in the period covered by the survey, ending on December 31, 2017.

There was a total of 700,578 Internet subscribers according to the survey. The Agency estimated that there were 3,064,072 Internet users in the same period, which indicates that the Internet usage rate in BiH amounted to 86.77 % in the year of 2017.

When it comes to Internet access, the dominant type of Internet access was xDSL in 2017, and the number of users of this type of Internet access was 56.83 % of the total number of broadband subscribers in BiH. In the second place are subscribers of cable access and their number of subscribers was 33.41 % of the total number of broadband internet subscribers.

Data showed that the use of the Internet in BiH records constant increase, with a special emphasis on the use of broadband services.

According to the announcement of CRA, we can expect further liberalization of the market of telecommunications and the introduction of new technologies, which will provide a faster and more accessible Internet, which is a precondition for the progress of the economy and society.



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