BH Company Pretis increased its Production

The company for the production of weapons and ammunition Pretis Vogosca realized business revenues in the amount of 17.4 million BAM in the first half of 2018. Their revenues in the same period last year amounted to 15.9 million BAM.

Revenue on the domestic market reached about 9 million BAM, and a little more than 8 million BAM on the foreign market, according to the semi-annual financial report.

Pretis realized a net profit of 2.4 million BAM in the first half of 2018. It is important to note a large increase in the number of employees, which was increased from 294 to 352 in a year.

The majority owner of Pretis with 51 % is the Government of the FBiH.

To recall, Pretis was the leader in the production of weapons and ammunition in the former Yugoslavia before the war, but it got into problems after the war, and it accumulated losses over years. In the period from 2012 to 2016, the company recorded annual losses between 4 and 8 million BAM.

Pretis managed to finally make a progress in 2016 and earned revenue in the amount of 23.4 million BAM, which represent an increase of 10 million BAM in comparison to 2015.


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