B&H Fitness Revolution-Challenge 10.000 kg

fitnessThe biggest fitness/health project in B&H is being prepared, which is called Fitness Revolution! Club Energy is organizing the biggest fitness and health project until now in B&H with free participation for all those who are interested.

Participants will receive nutrition programs, training and advice during the two months of the project.

The goal of the project is to gather people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, weight loss and regular exercise in a joint effort to lose 10.000 kg at the level of B&H, and to make a positive step towards a better quality of health and life.

The project is led by the Association Energy, with prof. Džemal Gekić at the forefront, who has many years of experience as a fitness trainer and nutrition advisor.

Applications for participation in B&H Fitness Revolution began on the Internet site www.10000kg.net. Applications are open until 1 December 2013.

(Source: Antena.ba)

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