B&H Football Players Arrived in St.Louis

B&H football representationB&H Football representation arrived in St.Louis early this morning (Central-European time). They first landed in Indianopolis due to the bad weather in Chicago.

Two trainings were foreseen for today but due to the long trip of more than 20 hours, Safet Šušić decided to do only one training at 18:00 at the stadium of the University St.Louis.

B&H football players during the preparations in USA will play two friendly matches, on 30 May against Ivory Coast in St.Lous and on 3 June  against Mexico in Chicago.

B&H team will play another match until the start of World Championship and that match will be played on 9 June against the young team of Santos.

B&H representation performs in the group with Argentina, Nigeria and Iran at the World Championship. They will play the first match with Argentina on 15 June in Rio de Janeiro at 19.00 (local time) or 16 June at 00:00 ( Central European time).

(Source: Fena)

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