B&H Mathematicians Fight for the Placement on Olympics in South Africa

matematikaFinal qualifications for the International Olympics of mathematicians will be held in Cape Town in South Africa.  The qualifications for B&H high school students will be held on Electro technical University in Lukavica, on 10th and 11th May, was announced by agency Patria.

Forty-five students will compete for the best mathematician, who will hold Bosnian flag in South Africa. Students competing will be from territory of whole Bosnia-Herzegovina, who have shown that they are the best on cantonal and entity levels. Namely 10 best mathematicians from west Herzegovina, 15 students from Republic of Srpska and 20 students from Federation of B&H, will compete for the statute.

Three students who win the most number of points will go to the International Olympics of mathematicians in Cape Town, which will be held from 3rd until 13th July.

Prof. dr. Nedžad Dukić from Natural sciences and mathematics in Sarajevo said that our country has extremely talented mathematicians, and that B&H students bring medals from various international competitions every year. He hopes that the pride of Bosnia-Herzegovina will be seen this year as well.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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