B&H Minister of Security Signing Protocol of Readmission with Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

Ministar Radoncic fotografijaThe B&H Minister of Security Fahrudin Radončić and the Director of the Service of Foreigner Affairs B&H Dragan Mektić will be on an official visit to Belgium today. Among other things, on this occasion a protocol between B&H and the Benelux countries (Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands) on implementing the agreement between the European Community and B&H on readmission of people who are residing without a permit.

In accordance with this agreement, B&H undertook to improve the fight against illegal immigration, so it would work on the implementation of fast and efficient procedures of identification and safe and orderly return of people who are residing in an EU country without a permit.

Along with Minister Radončić, the signatories to the protocol will be the state secretary for asylum, immigration and social integration of Belgium Maggie De Block, Director for Immigration in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Sylvain Wagner and the State Secretary for Security and Justice of the Netherlands Fred Teeven.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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