Office Established of the FB&H Government for Disability Issues

invaliditetThe FB&H government at yesterday’s session adopted a regulation, which established an office of the FB&H government for disability issues, with a seat in Sarajevo.

The task of the office is to provide institutional monitoring in the area of disability and the application of the law that regulates this area.

Also, it initiates measures and activities in order to improve the situation of peopelw tih disabilities, coordinate the activities of institutions and organizations that are responsible for solving the problems in this field and that are required to include disability issues in their work.

Among the activities of the office are monitoring the implementation of the strategy for the equalization of opportunities for people with disabilities in the FB&H from 2011-2015, and to propose its revision, particularly in relation to international obligations of B&H regarding disability issues.

The office shall, at least once every six months, and if necessary more often, report to the government on its activities.

(Source: Fena)

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