B&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Requested the Involvement in Census of all B&H Diplomatic –Consular Representatives

popis_stanovnistva_bihB&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent information to all diplomatic and consular missions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (DCM) regarding to the B&H census and the procedures by which B&H citizens abroad will be registered.

B&H Citizens who live abroad and have permanent residence in B&H and are absent for longer than 12 months, will be registered according to the Article 40, Law on Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in B&H 2013. The registration of these people will be done in a specific form prescribed by the director of the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These forms will be fulfilled independently and shall be submitted by mail to the Agency for Statistics of B&H by 15th October 2013.

B&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs within its jurisdiction and in cooperation with the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the web site of the Ministry set the link on which all interested can connect with the official census website (http://www.popis2013.ba/index.php/bs/).

This link leads directly to the census forms for registration of the citizens abroad, as well as to the instructions for filling out the form.

(Source: Fena)

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