Opening of the Exhibition “Childhood in the War” by Jasminka Halilović

djetinstvo-u-ratuOn the occasion of the World Day of Peace, the Association Urban and Sarajevo War Theater presents the exhibition Childhood in the war“. This exhibition is produced in the context of the festival Days of Sarajevo in Belgrade and also presents the book with the same title published in February 2013. Opening of the exhibition will be held on Saturday 21st September, at 19 pm at the Sarajevo War Theatre.

The book Childhood in the war” of Jasminka Halilović, is among the most wanted books in B&H since it is published. After the great promotions at the Sarajevo Youth House, it is exhibited in Belgrade, then at the European Parliament in Brussels, and soon will be presented in Vienna, Graz, Zurich and Tokyo.

 At the International Book Fair won the Special Jury Award. The translation of book in six languages, including Japanese is in process.

(Source: Depo Portal)

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