BH Presidency Member meets with Returnees in Cajnice

Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sefik Dzaferovic stated yesterday in Cajnice that all returnees in BiH should be helped to stay in places of their residence.

“I underlined at the meeting with the Mayor of Cajnice, Goran Karadzic, that people should live in an interethnic harmony, and that all those who disturb that harmony should be sanctioned,” said Dzaferovic.

He added that BiH is a multiethnic country in which we want to live together, build it and integrate it into the EU and NATO.

Dzaferović said that there is interethnic harmony in Cajnice and that he wants it to be like that in the future as well.

The visit to Cajnice was also attended by the FBiH Minister of Refugees and Displaced Persons Edin Ramic, who signed an agreement with Mayor Karadzic on paving a part of the road in one of local settlements.

Mayor Karadzic pointed out that he is happy about the visit of BiH Presidency member Dzaferovic and Minister Ramic, which encouraged him that these areas would receive help and understanding in the future.

He said assistance such as building infrastructure and a mosque would encourage returnees in Cajnice.

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