BH Pyramids and Međugorje can bring BiH Five billion Euros Annually

semirSemir Osmanagic, the president of the “Archeological park: Bosnian pyramid of Sun“ foundation, held a lecture yesterday at the International University of Sarajevo about the topic “Archeological tourism in BiH as a potential for development“. Bosnian pyramids have a great role in the development of tourism in our country, and along with the other attractive tourism locations can contribute to the development of BH economy.

“Bosnian pyramids have already became one of the main scientific topics in the world, and are also very important because of other aspects, energetic, spiritual, healing, but also touristic and economic. Every year our non-profit foundation attracts tens of thousands of tourists in Visoko who visit the pyramids. Also there is our international action “Ant“ that had attracted 400 volunteers from 30 countries. We have also attracted the most famous world media- Discovery Science, History Channel, National Geographic, CNN and other American medias. From BiH goes one positive topic of researching the cultural heritage, and attracting foreign tourists“, said Osmanagic.

Leader of Bosnian pyramid research projects, presented for the first time the plan of the future vision for BiH that is focused on five points: water, organic food, energy, communications, highways and tourism.

“We have two elements of tourism and they are religious- Međugorje that attracts almost million people per year, and archeological- Visoko. Those to destinations could have several million tourists and instead of earning half billion, we could earn up to 5 billion euros. That could be the power of economic development of our country“, said Osmanagic.

Researching in Visoko, he claims, became the most attractive archeological location. Along wiht severa hundreds of volunteers there is also about ten experts from different countries.

“125 of them confirmed not only that we have the biggest pyramid complex but also that we are confirming its purpose. With the help of our expert colleagues for energetic phenomena, physicists, sound and electro engineers, it was found that Bosnian pyramid of Sun generates electromagnetic and ultrasonic beams. In other words, it is the huge and the oldest energetic scheme that changes the view on the pyramids. Maybe some of our colleagues Egyptologists don’ t understand us, but for 20 or 50 years they will follow our steps“, said Osmanagic.

There is almost no country in the world that has not heard about the Bosnian pyramids. Just in the last year Osmanagic visited 44 countries where he held 62 lectures. People were very interested.

“If you are in Norway, USA, or in some similar country, they heard about BiH as a country of war, violence and disorder, but after staying here, they are leaving with another impression. We are changing the view on this country and its image“, concluded Osmanagic.


(Source: klix/photo portalsvijesti)

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