B&H Telecom is Employer of the Year For People with Disabilities

bhtelecom_poslodavacAt a ceremony in Sarajevo, B&H Telecom was awarded with the Employer of the Year for People With Disabilities award in the FB&H for 2013, thus emphasizing the company’s contribution in the field of public awareness about the working eabiltiies of people with disabilities, and pointed to the active involvement of B&H Telecom for the integration of these people in social life.

During the ceremony, it was said that in B&H Telecom 223 people with disabilities were employed, and through sponsorship contracts and donations continued to assist a number of projects and activities for people with disabilities, which is the best way demonstration a socially responsible practice of a company, announced B&H Telecom.

The campaign Employer of the Year for People with Disabilities in the FB&H is led for the fifth year in a row by nonprofit organizations, the landmine survivors initiatve and the Center for Development and Support in cooperation with portal

With the promotion of positive employment practices, the campaign helps to contribute to changing the attitudes of employers and the general public on the employment of people with disabilities and the economic viability of such initiatives.

(Source: Fena)

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