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Toplane Sarajevo Received a Modern Laboratory

toplaneLast week, a new laboratory opened in the company Toplane Sarajevo for the verification of heat meters, the first of its kind in this country.

The importance of this project is huge, given the measurement of energy consumption and the charges are on the basis of actual consumption of the basic guidelines development of KJKP Toplane, as well as other manufacturers and distributors of thermal energy in B&H.

Given that the legal obligation of the verification of the measuring scales is every five years, and in B&H there was no laboratory for this purpose, KJKP Toplane launched a process ofr its construction, together with Canton Sarajevo and the B&H Institute for Metrology.

The project was carried out in several phases of the development of project documentation, construction space to accommodate the laboratory, and acquiring the equipment until the final appointment by the Institute for Metrology B&H as the competent institution for the work of the laboratory in our country.

The laboratory currently has three employees, and most of the work is expected at Spring and Summer, when the measuring scales will not be in use. The money for the laboratory was given by the government of Canton Sarajevo (500.000) BAM, Institute for Metrology B&H (650.000), and KJKP Toplane (200.000 BAM). The next step is the accreditation of the laboratory in order to be able to work on the verification of the measures for users outside of B&H, at an international level.


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