FBiH Minister of Energy, Forestry and Industry Visited “Agrokomerc”

The FBiH Minister of Energy, Forestry and Industry Erdal Trhulj visited Velika Kladuša where he met with the representatives of the Board and Supervisory Board “Agrokomerc”.

He took this opportunity to visit several production plants that have begun production a few days ago.

After long negotiations, “Agrokomerc” signed an agreement on business-technical cooperation with Sarajevo-based retail chain “Gadžo komerc”, which was launched thanks to the production of over 70.000 eggs a day on the Šumatac farm and the production of “Tops” cookies.

“With this agreement, we have rented an office space, equipment and a license for products of our own choosing, and we hired all the employees from the “Agrokomerc” list, said the Director of “Gadžo komerc” for the production in “Agrokomerc” Zlatko Sejmenović.

In one of the factories that were taken over, production of “Tops” cookies has begun and for which 90 employees are necessary. The rest of the factories are under repair and preparation for production, such as cream and chocolate factory, soup, mayonnaise, and processing of fruits and vegetables.

“The company ‘Gadžo Komerc’ will use the ‘Agrokomerc’ trademark for all products that will be produced in these factories and will employee our workers, except in areas in which we do not yet deal’’, said the Director of ‘Agrokomcerc’ Ekrem Šarić.

“I am pleased with what has been done, and in the next period we all have to work together to stabilize production in order to employee the rest of the employees who are employed full-time in this company’’, said Minister Trhulj.

One of the routes that we will take is the revival of cooperation production of domestic products from the area of Bosnian Krajina. With this, conditions would be created for the maximum utilization of the current capacity of ‘Agrokomerc”.

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