BiH and Turkish Ministers of Foreign Affairs Satisfied with Works on the Section of Highway Vlakovo-Tarčin

koridor_1Works on the section of the Corridor 5C Vlakovo-Tarčin is progressing rapidly and it is assumed that it would be finished before the deadline. These are the impressions of Deputy Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers and Minister of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu.

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of these two countries, together with the Federal Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić and the Director of the Highway of the FBIH Ensad Karić visited the site yesterday and were very satisfied with the work of Turkish and BiH people on this section of the highway.

“Nothing was ever faster built in BiH, at least when it comes to construction of Corridor 5C. Only the tunnel of 1 March can compete with the Turkish Company Čengiz. It is good that our businesses can compete with Čengiz, which took over the works of the failed companies Primorje and SCT’’, said Lagumdžija.

He noted that our consortium of companies are competing with Čengiz in a real game on who will be faster and better. Of the 1.250 people who work here, more than 1.000 workers are from BiH.

“It looks as if works on this section of the highway could finish earlier. Have in mind that the Company Čengiz, when it came here to begin the work, no one in BiH knew anything about the company. Now they can be completely assured of the size of this company because Čengiz recently obtained a job on the construction of the biggest airport that is currently being built, and that job that they received at an international tender is worth 22 billion euros. This is money that could fill the budget of BiH for more than 30 years and in addition the entire BiH external debt. This is how much the airport is worth that Čengiz will build in Turkey’’, said Lagumdžija.

He stressed that in the end it is a huge thing that such companies have come to BiH.

“It is even bigger that our companies are stronger with Čengiz, and I hope that some of our companies that are working with Čengiz on Corridor 5C will work with this company tomorrow on the construction of an airport in Istanbul and in the construction of roads in other parts of the world’’, added Lagumdžija.

According to the opinion of Minister Davutoglu, such a corridor is one of the main arteries in the Balkans, and the Turkish company that is participating in its construction is very important for Turkey.

Čengiz is a very experienced company and it works with people from BiH as subcontractors, but most of the material used comes from BiH. They informed us in a short briefing what has been done and what we have seen is that the work is progressing as expected. This project will be realized in accordance with the highest global standards, which people from BiH will use. Our wish is for this highway and all other sections that are being built to connect people and countries in the region and to impact the development of our economy. I thank all institutions in the FBIH that support this project and to its host Lagumdžija and of course to Prime Minister Nikšić’’, said the Turkish Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs.

(Source: Fena)

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