BiH can export 7,000 to 8,000 tonnes of meat in 2018

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) can export 7,000 to 8,000 tonnes of meat in 2018, said Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Mirko Sarovic, Republika Srpska news agency (SRNA) reported.

Sarovic pointed out on Turkey as the major importer of meat from BiH, but also reminded that BiH achieved great success in export of livestock to Lebanon in 2017.

He added that export to Turkey in 2017 was not reduced because Turkey put a “ramp”, but because of the inability of BiH exporters to achieve the needed results.

“Currently, there are two exporters which were chosen by Turkey, but one of them is not been able to take over all the quantities of meat on time,” Sarovic explained.

He reminded that a standstill of meat export that happened in December 2017 was due to removal of one export facilities from the list of exporters because of the shipment of defective meat.

“An arrangement with other exporter was made and the purchase of live cattle in BiH started on January 31. Currently, the opened arrangement with Turkey amounts to 5,000 tons,” Sarovic explained.

The number of live animals and animal products that were exported from BiH to Turkey in 2017 amounts to 130, 345 (81,634 U.S. Dollars). The total amount of meat exported to all countries in 2017 from BiH amounts to 499, 913 KM (313,091 U.S. Dollars). BiH Agency for Statistics report said. (1 U.S. Dollar=1.60 KM)

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