Twenty-Eight Percent Decrease in Counterfeited Banknotes and Coins in BiH

In 2018, there were in total 2,381 pieces of counterfeited banknotes and coins of all currencies and denominations registered in the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH), being 28.13% less compared to the previous year.

These are banknotes and coins delivered to the CBBH for analysis and expertise.

Given the convertible mark (BAM) banknotes, there were 535 counterfeits registered last year, being 22.58% less compared to 2017. As for denominations structure, the most counterfeited BAM banknotes were in the denomination of BAM 100 (214 pieces or 40%), BAM 20 (149 pieces or 27.85%), and BAM 50 (138 pieces or 25.79%).

Given the BAM coins, there were 1,538 counterfeits registered, in total, being 33.22% less compared to 2017. There was a significant decrease of counterfeited coins ithe n denomination of BAM 1, by 33.01%. Tabove-mentionedned coin denomination remains the most counterfeited, and last year there were 1,443 pieces of them, or 93.82% out of total number of counterfeited coins. Then follows the denomination of BAM 5 (84 pieces or 5.46%) and BAM 2 (11 pieces or 0.72%)

Number of counterfeited EUR banknotes decreased by 16.99%, and there were in total 215 pieces registered. The most registered counterfeited EUR banknote was the in denomination of EUR 50 (99 pieces or 46.05%), EUR 100 (46 pieces or 21.4%) and EUR 20 (30 pieces or 13.95%).

Last year, there were 93 pieces of counterfeited banknotes of other currencies registered. Unlike the previous years, when the USD banknotes were the most counterfeited ones, in 2018 CHF and GBP banknotes were more counterfeited than USD. There were 40 pieces of counterfeited CHF banknotes registered (denomination of CHF 100 – 1 piece, denomination of CHF 1,000 – 39 pieces), 25 pieces of counterfeited GBP banknotes (denomination of GBP 20 – 24 pieces, denomination of GBP 50 – 1 piece), 21 pieces of counterfeited USD banknotes (denomination of USD 20 – 1 piece, denomination of USD 50 – 4 pieces, denomination of USD 100 – 16 pieces), and 7 pieces of counterfeited TRY banknotes (all in denomination of TRY 200).

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