BiH Can Move Forward With Help of International Community

Filip-RikerWith the help and support of everyone in the international community, BiH has a huge chance and can move forward, integrate in Euro Atlantic institutions that provide the best framework for achieving greater stability, security and prosperity, announced today in Sarajevo the Deputy Assistant State Secretary of the US for Europe and Eurasian Affairs Philip T. Reeker in an interview for three BiH news agencies.

“This is the best future that we see for this country, but we hold concern for BiH leaders who are holding this country hostage. This is a frustration for us, but much more so for you, for all citizens of BiH. The leaders forgot that they were elected and that their first and main responsibility is to fulfill the platforms that they presented when they were elected’’, said Reeker in an interview to Nezavisne Novine, Onasa, Fena and Srna.

According to him, too many people in BiH are fighting to make ends meet, to support their families.

“As citizens of this country, you have to build your future and use the outstretched hand of the international community’’, said Reeker.

However, he said that BIH political leaders have betrayed their promises and obligations towards the citizens and the country, and because of this BiH is not moving forward, especially towards Euro Atlantic integration, and now there is economic stagnation.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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