Ambassador of Czech Republic Was in Cazin

tomas-szunyogAs part of a visit to the Una-Sana Canton (USK), the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to BIH Tomáš Szunyog was in Cazin today.

During the meeting with the Mayor of the municipality Nermin Ogrešević, he expressed satisfaction with the results of their cooperation and noted that it could improve.

The Czech Ambassador to BiH praised the level of achievement of the development of municipality Cazin and is satisfied that his country can support this municipality.

“Today we presented our priorities for the next several years and we are certainly staying in BiH until 2018, and every year we will allocate 1,5 to 3 million euros for several development projects. We see a huge potential in the USK, and especially in Cazin’’, said Szunyog.

Expressing gratitude to the Czech Republic for the support, the Mayor of Cazin expressed his expectation that this country would continue to have a partner and someone who is ready to support development projects.

“Our main interest is entrepreneurship and economic development. Municipality Cazin, with more than 1.000 registered companies has potential and their program of support for small and medium businesses certainly interests us, and this is where we see ourselves and our opinion is that this is an issue that we should deal with in the next period’’, said Ogrešević.

They also spoke about possibilities of investment in infrastructure and the construction of schools.

After Cazin, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic visited municipality Bosanska Krupa.

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