BiH Chairman of the Council of Ministers: Necessary to Create Good Relations with Neighbors

The BiH Chairman of the Council of Ministers Vjekoslav Bevanda, ahead of today’s first official visit to Belgrade, where he will meet with the Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić, said that all countries in the region are obligated to maintain good relations. He said that he will help all the countries move closer to EU membership.

‘’It is my responsibility, regardless what I like and do not like, to try to create a good atmosphere and good relations with our neighbors’’, said Bevanda, among other things, for an interview with ‘’Dnevni Avaz’’.

He stressed the importance of a joint approach by countries in the region when Euro-Atlantic integration is in question.

‘’When viewpoints coincide and when we have fewer problems and more joint projects, especially projects of inter-regional cooperation, then in every instance we need to have relations that circulate easier, so that it will be easier to solve problems. If we all stood firmly within our own terrain, we will achieve nothing. This means that if you do not go and if no one comes to you either, you will achieve nothing’’, said Bevanda.

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