BiH Defense Minister Received Russian Ambassador

The BiH Minister of Defense Zekerijah Osmić and his colleagues received in Sarajevo yesterday the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to BiH Aleksandar Bocan Harčenko, announced the Ministry.

The Military Attache of the Russian Federation Ivan Vladimirović Popov accompanied the ambassador.

During the courtesy visit, Harčenko congratulated the Minister’s appointment to his position.

They spoke of the need to improve bilateral relations and expect that cooperation will continue to evolve, with the full understanding of the position of the Russian Federation of the conditions and processes in BiH.

They said that the insufficient cooperation between the two countries is not the reason for open questions, which for the most part they do not have, but is due to certain limitations such as lack of financial funds resulting from the economic crisis, recession and other problems that the Russian Federation and BiH face.

The Minister of Defense stressed the commitment of our country to continue its activities for NATO integration, which will contribute to further stabilization of political opportunities in BiH, and will provide additional security and economic development in BiH. This would be an interest to all citizens.

Ambassador Harčenko said that he understands the commitment of BiH to become a NATO member because that decision is the sovereign right of every country, and said that Russia believes the expansion of NATO is not the only real answer to the security challenges in the Euro-Atlantic area.

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