Best exhibition of BiH innovators since they participate at world fairs

At fifth international exhibition of innovations, which finished yesterday in Teheran, BiH innovators reached the best result since they’ve been participating at world fairs since 1995, said the BiH association of innovators.

Among 1700 innovations, among the four best, was the innovation by father and son Nijaz and Mirza Banjanović from Sarajevo, who won gold medal from international jury and special recognition by Association of Innovators from Poland, reports FENA.

Their innovation is called Synchronous generator without slip rings and brushes and it is actually four complementary innovations of Tesla’s reverse magnetic field, which could be very interesting to the world of science.

Medals were awarded to Borko Babalj (universal glass carrier) , Zdravko Bosnić (hydroelectric powerplant on paddle-infinite band) , Sašenko Sadiković (device to prevent the eruption of fossil fuels) and Vladimir Samardžić(memory cubes for learning letters and numbers), while the special award of International Association of Independent Innovators was given to Senad Šaćirbegović (vacuumed PVC brick). Husein Hujić received an award for his contribution to development of international innovator movement.

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