BiH Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Spoke With Special Representative of NATO General Secretary

Trisic -Babic -Skare NATO-04042013The BiH Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ana Trišić-Babić the special representative of the NATO General Secretary for Women, Peace and Security Mari Skare today in Sarajevo.

They spoke of NATO activities in BiH in implementing Resolution 1325 of the UN Security Council that deals with issues of the role of women in armed conflict.

Trišić-Babić spoke to Marie Skare of the current status of the process of BiH integration to NATO.

She said that due to unfulfilled conditions from Talini, BiH could not activate the Membership Action Plan (MAP), but that it continues to implement necessary reforms in the framework of cooperation between the IPAP and PARP.

With this, BiH at the same time is reforming the Armed Forces, and is also defining its place in this security system and is working on strengthening its capacity for contributing to peace and stability.

Trišić-Babić said that as part of these efforts, the implementation of Resolution 1325 of the UN Security Council plays a very vital role, and that through various institutions BiH is implementing the provisions of this Resolution.

This shows an increase in the number of females in the BiH contingents in peace building missions, such as the UN Mission in South Sudan.

Skare said that NATO efforts to implement Resolution 1325 has been going on for several years and that they are focused on two key areas.

Another direction of activities is the increase in number and role of women in NATO and in partner countries, and especially in positions where they bring decisions.

They concluded that there are needs and opportunities for deepening cooperation between BiH and NATO in this area and that the issue of the role of women in armed conflicts and security forces has to play a more important role in concrete activities and policies.

An especially suitable mechanism of concrete cooperation in Southeast Europe is the regional security forums, such as the American-Adriatic Charter (A5), and the need to explore policies and technical and educational cooperation of countries in the region and NATO through this forum.

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