BiH gets Green Light for Export of Horses to the EU

With the new amendment of the European Union Regulation, Bosnia and Herzegovina, after a prolonged ban, was included in the list of countries from which, on a temporary and permanent basis, an export of registered horses is allowed to the EU.

Thanks to the efforts of the BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, together with the Veterinary Office of BiH, another EU standard has been fulfilled. Namely, this standard prevented the development of the equestrian sport, the maintenance of sports and cultural events and competitions in BiH.

The prohibition on exports was a major problem for people breeding horses in BiH because, apart from the fact that athletes could not go to international competitions, no competitors from other countries could enter BiH because they could experience the problem of not being able to return to their country of origin. This license also allows the temporary import of registered horses from the EU.

By this decision, many barriers to the movement of animals for sports purposes were abolished, and the development of the economy and tourism of BiH will be recorded.


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