BiH House of Representatives Delegation Spoke with President of Croatia

The President of Croatia Ivo Josipović received yesterday the BiH Delegation of the House of Representatives on an official visit in Zagreb.

He said that Croatia and BiH have very good relations and that it is a good reason for more frequent meetings and discussions at all levels.

Josipović said that relations with BiH are very important for Croatia, and perhaps most important when it comes to neighboring countries. This is not only due to the fact that there are Croatian people living in BiH, but also because living beside them are two friendly peoples.

Croatia thinks that all countries in the region have their place in the EU, and which is particularly important for BiH. According to Josipović, Croatia is willing to lend its political and technical help for BiH’s path to the EU.

With the experience that Croatia has had with other countries concerning border regimes, the country would try to change that with the border with BiH, so that citizens could continue to travel with their ID cards.

Also, Josipović added that economic cooperation should develop in the new circumstances and do whatever it takes to make it more liberal.

The BiH Chairman of the House of Representatives Božo Ljubić spoke of the necessity for more intensive cooperation in all fields, and highlighted the challenges for BiH after Croatia enters the EU, from the border crossings, entry of BiH citizens to Croatia, exports, passing through the port of Ploče and Neum, etc.

He said that Croatia has achieved its two main foreign policy goals which also affects BiH, and that now is the time for the two friendly countries to solve issues that still remain open.

Ljubić added that constitutional reform is especially important, and it would lead to a functional and independent BiH that is ready to submit its application to the EU. It is in the interest of Croatia to help in this process.

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