BiH imported Goods worth more than 16 Billion BAM


Until November 2019, goods worth around 16.67 billion BAM were imported into Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and goods worth 9.99 billion BAM were exported, according to the data from the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH.

The difference between exported and imported goods, amounting to 6.68 billion BAM, has been reduced compared to last year, but it is still impossible to talk about the integral data for 2019 since it is necessary to include information from November and December.

It is evident that this year there will be a slight increase in the total value of exports and imports, as in the previous years. However, economists have been warning for years now that a much smaller difference between imports and exports is required.

In 2018, goods worth 19.59 billion BAM were imported, and goods worth 12.25 billion BAM were exported. The difference amounted to 7.33 billion BAM. In 2017, total imports were 18.44  billion BAM and exports were 11.38 billion BAM.

Germany, Croatia, and Serbia have been the three most important economic partners of BiH for years. This year, Italy is the fourth largest importer of goods from BiH, while Austria took fifth place.

It is interesting that BiH imports goods worth 463.8 million BAM from China, and exports goods worth only 25.54 million BAM, which means that it imports 18 times more goods than it exports.

There is a big difference between imported and exported goods in the trade relations between BiH and Slovenia. Namely, in 2019, 1.49 billion BAM was imported from Slovenia, and only 860.72 million BAM was exported, portal reports.

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