BiH is officialy accepted in the European Union for the Ringing of Birds

We live in a rapidly changing world where human activities are causing rapid declines in many species of animals and plants, linked to widespread environmental change.

Birds freely cross political boundaries and so international cooperation is vital for research and conservation. EURING promotes international collaboration on all aspects of scientific bird ringing, particularly in Europe and along the Eurasian African flyway. Our work includes collaborative research, data sharing and scientific meetings.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been officially admitted to the European Union for the Ringing of Birds (EURING). “This opens the door to more active research and protection of birds in our country. We know that they are a good indicator of nature’s conservation, cleaning it and restoring, useful to our gardens, and yards because they feed on harmful insects,” according to the Ornithological Society of Our Birds in Sarajevo.

EURING is the coordinating organisation for European bird ringing schemes. It aims to promote and encourage scientific and administrative co-operation between national ringing schemes, development and maintenance of high standards in bird ringing, scientific studies of birds, in particular those based on marked individuals and the use of data from bird ringing for the management and conservation of birds.

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