BiH is the host of summer camp ‘Heartbeat 2013’


Youth Education Centre (CEM) Travnik will organise summer camp ‘Heartbeat 2013’ which will be held on the Vlašić Mountain from 21 to 28 July.

In her statement to ‘Sarajevo Times’ project coordinator and PR of CEM Travnik Karolina Plišo said that the summer camp was intended for young people from Europe who’ll share experiences, make new friend, learn about democracy and accepting diversity and healthy living without alcohol or tobacco.

Organisers expect that more than 200 young people will come, and the largest number of registered people is from Nordic countries.

She noted that in the last fifty years, this camp has been organised in many European cities, and added that this year the honour to organise the camp ‘Heartbeat 2013’ was given to BiH.

She said that sports and educational activities will be organised as a part of the camp, and added that participants will enjoy health environment, free of alcohol.

Travnik Municipality will support this camp.

(photo: wintersport-vlasic.com)

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