BiH Migration Bureau Staff considered the Current Security and Humanitarian Situation

The BiH Migration Bureau staff considered the current security and humanitarian situation as well as a plan for the activities of the competent institutions in the forthcoming period.

Because of the weather conditions, the influx of migrants has been significantly reduced and since the beginning of the year new 1,045 migrants have been registered. Currently, there are about 3,900 migrants in the territory of BiH and are located in seven reception centers in Bihać, Sarajevo, Mostar, Cazin and Velika Kladuša.

Staff Chairman Dragan Mektic said that during the implementation of the takeover procedure for the management of the reception centers in Bihać (Bira and the former Dacki Dom) was conducted by the Service for Foreigners of BiH.

Given that there is a potential increase in the number of migrants in the beginning of spring, one of the priorities is better control and management of migration on the territory of BiH, in order not to overburden accommodation capacities for migrants in the Una-Sana Canton. It was also agreed that persons suspected of perpetrating criminal offenses should be relocated to the Immigration Center in Lukavica.

The main priority in the forthcoming period will be strengthening the control of the eastern border of BiH in order to reduce the number of illegal migrants entering. The border police of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be strengthened with 100 new police officers in the coming period, and will soon be in the service of ten patrol boats on Sava and Drina Rivers.



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