BiH Mission to EU: Preparations for Dialogue at High Level

At the initiative of the Head of EU Mission to BiH and Ambassador Igor Davidović, an informal meeting at the BiH Misison to EU in Brussels was held and attended by all members of the BiH Mission and the BiH Directorate Enlargement of the EU Commission (DG Enlargement).

The Delegation of EU Commission was led by the Head of the Department for EU Paola Pampaloni, and the meeting was attended by representatives of the European Foreign Service (EEAS).

The topic of the informal meeting was the general perspective of the work of DG and EEAS in relation to the objectives of BiH: COWEB, COELA, IPA funds, especially in light of the trilateral meetings at the level of Foreign Ministers, expected to held on 15 February in Brussels, where dialogues will improve.

After the meeting, the BiH Mission and EU Commission held brief interviews.

It was agreed upon that this type of informal meeting will be held once a month, alternating between the BiH Mission and EU Commission premises.

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