BiH next month to decide on the Route Sarajevo-Belgrade

meeting Serbia JuskoThe construction of the joint border crossing between BiH and the Republic of Serbia Bratunac-Ljubovija was one of the topics of yesterday’s meeting of the Minister of Communications and Transport Ismir Jusko with Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia, Zoran Mihajlovic that took place in Belgrade, where BH delegation paid an official visit at the invitation of Prime Minister of Srbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

During this meeting was talked about the preparations for the signature of the agreement on the use and maintenance of common bridges, increasing the contingents of permits for cargo transportation to a third country, the activities on signing the agreement on the delegation of responsibilities for the provision of air navigation services, the joint meeting of the relevant inspectorate, the activities of the revitalization of the railway Sarajevo-Belgrade, and revision of the agreement on railway border crossings.

As noted, there is mutual interest for possible realization of these goals as soon as possible, and they emphasized the need for continuation of cooperation and continuous meetings at this level, at which will be analyzed the implementation of existing and planning of new activities for the benefit of all citizens of both countries.

“When it comes to fast road or highway that would connect Belgrade and Sarajevo, it was concluded that there is support for the initiative of the trilateral meeting of Turkey, Serbia, and BiH, and BiH will undertake the necessary consultations with the competent authorities regarding the route in the next 30 days and inform Serbia about it,” as announced by the Ministry of Communications and Transport.


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