BiH photographers at the exhibition in Italy

totalyDuring this month, a photo exhibition is set in the city of Forli in Italy called ‘Totally lost’, reports

The exhibition is a result of international competition, during which an expert jury chose, among many authers, two BiH authors Anida Krečo and Andrej Đerković

Photos of Anida Krečo are from her series ‘Architecture of Socialism’, while the work of Andrej Đerković is called ‘Wish you were here’ from his cycle DUM DUM (1992-1996).

The exhibition ‘Totally lost’ shows the architecture of totalitarian regimes in the city which has the aim to point out the key elements of European history, heritage of the 20th century.

This transnational photographic survey covers 11 countries: Albania, BiH, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary, and it is focused on finding, recording and photographing architectural heritage of European totalitarian regimes, from the 20ies and 30ies in fascist Italy to the 50ies and 60ies in communist societies of Eastern Europe.

Anida Krečo was born in 1980 and finished her high school in Sarajevo and School of Architecture in Wien. Her photos were published in various monographs and in the architecture magazines.

Andrej Đerković was born in 1971 and has finished the Academy of Fine Arts of Sarajevo and had numerous exhibitions in the world and in the region, and his works have been published in British Journal of Photography, Le Monde, Liberation, La Stampa, La Repubblica, Liberazione, Belfast Telegraph, Exibart, Marianne, Avui, Le Courrier, La Depeche, Le Temps, Radikal, Hurriyet, Tages Anzieger, Mladina, Zarez, Feral Tribune, Vjesnik, Pobjeda, Monitor, Novi list, Dani, Slobodna Bosna, Start, Odjek, KUN, Gracija, Vizura, Fantom slobode, etc.


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