BiH Police launch a major Manhunt for Suspect who murdered Two People

Government of Canton Sarajevo (CS) issued a decision on Tuesday to award 50,000 KM (28,849U.S. dollars) for valuable information which would lead to finding Edin Gacic, a suspect for slaying of one person and a policeman, government’s press statement stated on the same day.

On Feb.5, 42 years-old Gacic killed a grocery store owner in Podorasac, a village located some 50 kilometres southwest of the capital Sarajevo, and four days later, he killed a member of Federal Police Administration while on duty.


A total of 1,500 members of Federal Police Administration have been actively searching several territories in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) since Tuesday, and there are special police units near schools, kindergardens and other public places, Interior Minister of Sarajevo Canton Admir Katica said on a press conference on Monday.

Katica added that they will request available units of BiH’s Armed Forces if necessary. Gacic was released from prison on July 26, 2017, after serving two-thirds of 20 years imprisonment. The letter signed by Edhem Veladzic, director of prison, reads that a measure of compulsory psychiatric treatment was imposed on Gacic. Gacic suffers from personality disorder, a schizoid paranoid type, and “the psychiatrist has found that he is a religious fanatic who is extremely persistent in representing certain ideas and who considers the greatest sin to fail to fulfill his ideas no matter how deviant they are,” the letter continues.

Police called for public vigilance and appealed to residents to report any sightings of the suspect, adding that Gacic is armed and dangerous.

Currently, numerous police forces are on the ground, searching southern and central part of the country, both in the forests and roads, with help of helicopters, drones and personnel, with the aim of finding any trace that can link them to the fugitive, Federal Minister of Internal Affairs Aljosa Campara said in a press conference on Monday.

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