BiH Ski Federation presented competition projects in the new season

On the press conference of BiH Ski Federation, new plans of going to different International competitions in 2013 of BiH ski teams in alpine sports, biathlon and cross country skiing, as well as test run for Europe Cup 2013 were presented. The participation of BiH skiers on European Youth Olympic Festival has been announced.

In the premises at Zetra Olympic Committee, the journalists were addressed by Dželal Hasečić, president of BiH Ski Federation, Jelena Dojčinović, General Secretary, Branislav Lolović, President of the Alpine Committee, Dragan Jeftović, Chairman of Commission of cross country skiing and Goran Mumović, chairman Committee of biathlon.


European Youth Olympic Festival in Braşov


On the press conference they announced that European Youth Olympic Festival which will be held in Braşov, Romania will take place from 17 – 22 February, under the sponsorship of International Olympic Committee. Eman Emrić with his coach Ademir Hasečić will participate at EYOF.


World Championship in alpine sports Schladming

BiH representatives in technical and fast sports will participate in the World championship in Schladming which is being held from 4-17 February. Their names will be known on 31 January, and so far Igor Laikert who’ll compete in all sports and Žana Novaković who’ll compete in technical sports.


Cross-country skiing World Cup in Val di Fiemme 2013

World Cup cross-country skiing will be held in Italy from 20 February to 3 March. BiH will have seven representatives, four in men and three in women category. Mladen Plakalović, Stefan Lopatić, Goran Košarac i Marko Starčević will compete in men’s category, and Tanja Karišik, Snežana Borovčanin i Mladena Koroman will compete in women’s category.


Biathlon World Championship in Novo Mesto in the Czech Republic


Biathlon World Championship will be held in Novo Mesto in the Czech Republic. Nemanja Košarac, Stefan Lopatić i Tanja Karišik will represent BiH with their coach Tomislav Lopatić.


Alpine Sports World Junior Tournament Quebec 2013


Alpine Sports World Junior Tournament will be held in Quebec, Canada from 18- 26 February. Marko Šljivić with the help of his parents and Ski club Jahorina will participate in the competition.


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