BiH vaccinates its Population only with donated Vaccines, not single One procured

In our country, priority groups of the population are still vaccinated, most often with donated vaccines. Who is not a priority, finds his dose of vaccine in the neighborhood - in Serbia. And as we listen to the promises, our ministers go further and openly tell us to vaccinate in neighboring states.

It has long been clear that the health of citizens is not a priority for our authorities. The proof for that is that we still receive donations, and direct procurements are being considered, negotiated, promised. Another gift arrived today. They brag on Twitter from the state Ministry of Civil Affairs. We are 11,700 doses richer with the Pfizer vaccine. Donation of the European mechanism. They expect that 214 thousand doses of Pfizer and 380 thousand Astrazeneca will arrive by August. When it comes to promises, the federal authorities are in the lead, BHRT writes.

There are no new details on the procurement of Pfizer or Chinese vaccines. Even today, they tell us that they cannot give more information due to the secrecy mark. They allege that tomorrow the FBIH Institute for Public Health will inform them about the course of the procurement process. And in the Institute of Silence. They do not respond when doses of Chinese Sinofarm or Russian Sputnik could arrive through the Russian fund. In Republika Srpska, they are still waiting for deliveries of paid doses.

Precisely because of the contract and the procurement, the federal-cantonal government parted ways. That is how KS starts independent negotiations again. And with the Russian fund for the purchase of Sputnik light single-dose vaccine or Pfizer. And while the government is negotiating, Sarajevo's Zetra is deserted. For those who can't wait, the line minister offers an alternative - get vaccinated in the neighborhood.

The citizens of KS are losing patience. Devastatingly, in the Federation of BiH, only a part of the teaching staff in ZDK and USK has been vaccinated. RS is far ahead. Vaccination was completed in 30 primary, 15 secondary schools and two centers. And have we reached the stage where threats are the only solution to the lethargy of our, mostly vaccinated, authorities?

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