The U.S. continues to support BiH’s Euro-Atlantic Integration

”The United States (U.S.) will continue to support Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) on the path to Euro-Atlantic integration, ” noted Maryland National Guard Commander, Major General Timothy Gowen during a visit to the BiH Ministry of Defense of BiH.

He expressed hope that the successful cooperation so far will be continued in his mandate as well.

BiH Defense Minister, Sifet Podzic, congratulated Gowen on his appointment as Commander of the Maryland National Guard and welcomed members of the delegation and representatives of the U.S. Military Attaché Office in BiH and the U.S. Embassy’s Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC), with whom the BiH Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of BiH, as he said, are achieving extraordinary cooperation.

Podzic pointed out that the U.S., as he said, is a proven friend and strategic partner of BiH, which highly appreciates its strong and continuous presence in the entire region, as well as its commitment to events in BiH.

”Also, he added that the current cooperation, which is at a high level, should be expanded in the future, ” the Ministry of Defense of BiH announced.

Podzic especially emphasized the long-term cooperation between the two countries through the “Military-to-Military” program and the State Partnership and Training Program, along with other bilateral and multilateral activities and exercises, and support of the U.S. in modernizing and building the capabilities of the BiH Armed Forces.

Besides Podzic and Gowen, the meeting at the Ministry of Defense was attended, among others, by the Chief of the Joint Staff of BiH, Colonel General Senad Masovic, and the U.S. Military Attaché to BiH, Brigadier Michael Tarquinto.

Gowen’s visit with associates of the BiH Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH, which is being realized until tomorrow, June 25th, is the result of the realization of the annual Plan of Cooperation between BiH and the U.S. under the “Military-to-Military” program for 2021. which allows the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH to continue the development of international cooperation with foreign partners.

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