BiH’s Defense Minister and Dragan Covic discussed NATO Path of BiH

President of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) and Croatian National People’s Party (HNS) Dragan Covic and Defense Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Marina Pendes met on Monday agreeing that the European and NATO path of BH has no alternative.

At the meeting, whih was attended by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of BiH, they discussed current events in the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH and topics related to international activities within the NATO integration process, activities and projects in the Ministry of Defense, Armed Forces and their functioning.

During the meeting, they also discussed the challenges of NATO’s path to BiH and the modalities of their overcoming, and the general socio-political situation and processes in the country.

“The European and NATO path of Bosnia and Herzegovina has no alternative,” the interlocutors highlighted.

This is a strategic commitment that does not need to be politicized and make small political points on it.

“The merit of our country lies in the fact of the existence of three constituent peoples and any action at the expense of any other or third party cannot contribute to the stabilization of the opportunity in this country, as well as the strong commitments and tasks on our Euro-Atlantic and NATO path”, was concluded at the meeting.


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